To provide an opportunity to enhance skills for decision-making and to learn and use sophisticated management know-how in meeting business goals.

Admission Criteria

Graduates from chartered Institutes with 3 years’ experience of working in an executive position with a public limited or a private limited company having a minimum paid-up capital of Rs. 10 million. Company sponsored candidates are preferred, however, we give consideration to deserving applicants from other sectors.


Course Title Credit Hrs.
Business Economics 4
Business Communication and Report Writing  4
Financial Accounting 4
Managerial Accounting 4
Principles of Marketing 4
Principles of Management 4
Business Statistics 4
Marketing Management 4
Information Technology in Business 4
Financial Management 4
Human Resource Management 4
Organisational Behaviour 4
Corporate Law and  Ethics 4
Entrepreneurship and MSE Management 4
Concentration-I  4
Business Policy 4
Concentration-II  4
Concentration-III  4

Fee Structure

Admission Fee (One Time)

Rs. 10,000/-

Registration Fee

Rs. 10,000/-

Tuition Fee - Per credit hour

Rs.   4,350/-

If enrolled in 3 courses totaling 12 Credit Hours,
the total tuition fee for the semester will be

Rs. 52,200/-

Total Cost of the Programme

Rs. 324,500/-