Software engineering is the discipline of creating high-quality software systems in a systematic, controlled and efficient manner. It involves the application of engineering concepts, techniques, and methods to the design, development, deployment and maintenance of software systems. A software engineering programme should develop professionals who have a mastery of principles, theory, practices, and processes necessary to produce quality software systems.

Admission Criteria

Intermediate, A-levels or Equivalent from accredited institution/University.


Course Title Cr. Hrs.
Semester 1
Introduction to Computing 3
Programming Fundamentals 4
Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3
Physics 3
English-I (Functional English) 4
Semester 2
Discrete Structures-I 4
Object Oriented Programming 4
Supporting Elective I 3
GE/University Elective I 3
English-II (Communication Skills) 4
Semester 3
Introduction to Software Engineering  3
Data Structures and Algorithms 4
Digital Logic & Design 3
Linear Algebra 3
Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies 3
Semester 4
Operating Systems 4
Software Construction 3
Supporting Elective II 3
GE/University Elective II 3
Introduction to Database Systems 3
English-III (Technical and Report Writing) 3
Semester 5
Software Requirement Engineering 3
Probability and Statistics 3
Computer Communication and Networks 3
SE Elective I  3
Supporting Elective III 3
GE/University Elective III 3
Semester 6
Human Computer Interaction 3
Software Quality Engineering 3
Software Design & Architecture 3
Formal Methods in Software Engineering 3
SE Elective II 3
SE Application Domain Elective –I 3
Semester 7
Senior Capstone Project I 3
Software Project Management 3
Professional Practice  3
SE Application Domain Elective –II 3
GE/University Elective IV 3
Semester 8
Senior Capstone Project II 3
SE Elective III 3
SE Elective IV 3
SE Elective V 3

Fee Structure

Admission Fee (One Time)

Rs. 10,000/-

Registration Fee

Rs. 10,000/-

Tuition Fee - Per credit hour

Rs.   4,350/-

If enrolled in 5 courses totalling 15 Credit Hours,
the total tuition fee for the semester will be

Rs. 65,250/-

Total Cost of the Programme

Rs. 6,20,300/-